Jag blev väldigt stolt när jag tilldelades the Transmedia Socks of October av STRANGER! Så här skriver Cecilie Stranger-Thorsen på STRANGERs facebook-sida:

”DRUMROLL! TRANSMEDIA SOCKS OF OCTOBER are awarded to storyteller / entrepreneur Bobbi Augustine Sand of Ozma Game Design in Malmö (ozma.se).

Apart from her work at Ozma, developing storybased games and gamifying just about anything, Bobbi has created the Transcenders storyworld and has just started selling books from the series. She’s one of very few people who understand the power of combining gameplay and storytelling and she gets bonus points for creating original works for young people. Oh, and you should see her dance!

The October socks were knit during a Transmedia hackathon and a course in mythical storytelling this month and will hopefully inspire great new work from Bobbi, while keeping her feet warm.”